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Mike Arlington

There's obviously tons of resources on the internet for learning how to set up your own FBA business. But nothing beats direct, hands on coaching. Any time I've been uncertain about how to move forward with my budding business, Amazon FBA Doctor has given me multiple courses of action I could take to succeed. Because of the Doctor, my first product was selling on day one of reaching the Amazon warehouses and the cost of my advertising is much lower after getting their advice than it was when I was trying to go it on my own.

Keith Parsons

The Doctor has helped me create a “Killer Product Page”. Since consulting with them, I have learned how to create the best lifestyle and instructional images to not only draw customers to my page, but to convert the visitors to buyers. I never realized the importance of the right images until I learned the difference between average images and ideal images. My product sales are growing and I love the way my product page looks. I plan on consulting with for launching all my new product pages. Why not start out on the right foot immediately instead of trucking through the mud on my own and learning the hard way?

Sandy Silvia

With the marketplace being so competitive, I needed help with creating a new product page with great images and product description. The team from AmazonFBADoctor helped me create a new page with outstanding lifestyle images and a great description for my product. The traffic to my site and conversion rate has increased dramatically since my page was updated with the help of the FBA Doctor. I highly recommend their services to anyone who would like to fix up their product page and increase sales.