November 26, 2018 Lee

Retail Brand Name Products

There are really only two types of products people sell on Amazon.

  • Private Label products are items you sell under your own brand name. These “white label” products are often shipped in from China.
  • Brand Name products are when somebody else owns the brand. These can be big names like Nike and Honda, or small brands you’ve never heard before.


We talk a lot about Private Label (PL) products, but Retail Brand Name products are often neglected, despite the fact that it is likely a much better business model.

With PL products you always have to reinvent the wheel.  A new supplier.  A new box.  A new UPC and ASIN.  A new Product page. New images. New keyword research. New everything!


With a good retail brand name product, all that work is already done.  The only task is to find a great supplier and great wholesale pricing. (huge oversimplification)


Some people go down the path of Retail Arbitrage (RA), but I am not a fan.  RA has you searching around for great deals and closeouts at K-Mart and Costco, hoping to find 20 units of junk on sale for 50% off.  The problem is that is a lot of work, and NOT scalable.

We prefer working with Manufacturers, Distributor, and Wholesalers.  The suppliers can often sell you large quantities at a great price.  And furthermore, you become an authorized reseller.  Honestly, there is a lot to learn to be successful, but this is the path of least resistance.

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