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  • The logo.
  • Trademark transferred to you.
  • My SOP for transferring a trademark and registering in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Plus my SOP for dealing with hijackers and squatters.
Coming Soon
Kitch'nMore - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90233434 , Class 21

Q4 Designs - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90234753 , Class 9

Palinoia - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90253526 , Class 9

Fezzle - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90261263 , Class 20

Sigma Times - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90275976 , Class 28

Running L8 - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90311858 , Class 16

Rillvo - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90329462 , Class 21

LiteZout- $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90346938 , Class 28

Selsela - $2,900
Coming in June
Number 90353465 , Class 9

Fill out the form and download my Trademark Transfer S.O.P. so you can see the details of the transaction and an example written contract.

It usually takes about 24 hours to get you registered with Amazon Brand Registration. That means you can be creating new product listings immediately. You get A+ Content, enhanced brand content, a brand store, brand analytics and more.

Amazon doesn’t seem to care which class your trademark is in, they give you coverage across all categories (which could change at any time).

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